What is Your Leadership Personality?

DamiyoA great leader knows, without a doubt, that their attitude and actions have a major effect on others. They don’t blame or shame others but demand and expect the best.

You can tell if you are a great leader by looking at the people that you have around you;  Are they challenged, self motivated, loyal and not afraid to make decisions. Do they speak openly and have a sense of mission and purpose?

Tune Up Your Leadership Personality


1. Stop looking at other people as a problem. Stop blaming others as the source of poor results. Stop seeking other peoples
recognition as the source of your happiness. Stand in your own commitment.


2. Work with others without needing to change their basic nature. Work to bring out the best in others, using their natural talents and personalities. Just because you think you know what is better for others doesn’t mean it is necessarily it is so. Don’t think that “respect” means that people should always follow your advice or change their personality the way you would like them to.


3. Never put up with disrespectful or violent behavior. Be clear on what you expect from yourself and others.


4. Don’t take arguments and disagreements too seriously. People having strong opinions; this could be a good thing. It may actually mean they have a stake in the outcome. By the way, this goes for taking yourself too seriously as well.


5. Don’t try to be the authority in the room all the time. Haranguing everyone with your knowledge creates people not wanting to be around you.


6. Give people room to make mistakes. Be very clear on what is expected and challenge people but allow them to learn.


7. Realize that kindness and respect are a way of life. (Even when others my see it as a weakness.)


8.Be yourself, speak your truth, but know there are always three truths: your truth, their truth and THE TRUTH.


9.Know you are at choice every minute. This is the most basic and hardest of practices.


10. Be respectful and honest. A leader knows the larger purpose. They can always inspire and motivate by paining a picture of a powerful and positive future.


How do you know if you on the path to becoming a great leader?

You will develop leaders around you who are committed and proud of what they do and the team they work with. Your teamIMG_3310 will have a great sense of purpose and will be eager to challenge themselves. You will be seen as a person who is clear and precise.  A great leader you can make others feel important without needing them to make you feel important. You will be respected as a person who keeps their word. You will create great results and everyone around you will feel they contributed to those results. You will be seen as an honorable person.

Patrick Dean

President, Seminar Systems Inc.

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