Service, Clarity and Opportunity

Mr. Natural Mentor Tutor Very SmallI have now experienced in my life  many ups and many downs. I have lived a very lavish lifestyle and have lived hand to mouth. I have owned Porsches and ridden the bus. I have owned real estate, had rentals and had to live withrelatives. All of it has taught me some valuable lessons. I have also had the privilage of working with thousands of people in dozens of different countries. All of this has led me to a new “practice”.  Since I want to experience a life of contribution and peace, I am designing my life based on two principles; service and clarity.

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Service is my passing on to others (through mentoring and training seminars), what I have learned about success. I have seen what creates success, satisfaction, happiness, and a life of significance for some people. I have seen struggle with others. I have seen clear paths so that each person can create the life they want and deserve.

I will share what I have learned because I am committed to creating other great mentors and facilitators. People who will become more effective and reach more people than I ever could alone. “A world that works for everyone with no one left out” is our company’s vision. It may not be realized in my lifetime but I will continue to training world class leaders as long as I am able. This is my service.


Clarity is the simplification of life. I cannot stress how much joy and freedom has entered my life since I made this commitment. This has meant getting rid of things I thought defined me, such as cars, houses and other stuff collected over the years. Downsizing distractions while focusing on purpose has made a huge difference in how well I sleep at night.

DSC02269Clarity also means being radically clear and honest in relationships. Saying what needs to be said in the moment, Not hanging on to drama and opinions as if they are important (when they are not!). To me clarity allows me to love fully and also to let go of mistakes more often. Clarity has to do with a clear definition of character as well. Wrestling with the question “What is really important to me” caused me some painful realizations, but in the end, has created peace in my life.

A Shocking Statement

One of the most freeing things I have learned is that we cannot control the final outcome of our relationships or our lives. A shocking statement for the goal setting and positive thinking groups, but I believe it is true. I love goal setting and positive thinking, but it is an illusion to think that we control everything all the time. Thinking that the end result must look exactly as we expect can paralyze our actions, and make us fearful.

The amazing paradox here is knowing that the outcome may be different than we expected actually opens the path for bold and decisive action. If we know the outcome will take care of itself, we are free to be totally committed and passionate. Besides, the journey is much more enjoyable along the way when you aren’t always looking at the scoreboard.

My  life has been filled with the unexpected. If I can learn some lessons, live with great joy and great disappointment and not give either power over me, I am living an authentic life.


Join me in simplification and clarity. Bring more peace and joy into life.  Get committed to the outcome you want, be passionate, be unreasonable, go for it, and great success will occur.

Remember, It is ok that it won’t look the way you expected it to. Could be outrageously better!

Patrick Dean, 2015Patrick Dean, Co-Founder Seminar Systems

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