Samurai Game®

SEMINAR SYSTEMS offers the finest leadership and team building training available for small-to-medium-size companies.

What is the Samurai Game®?

Seminar Systems Inc. conducts a simulation game called the Samurai Game® for corporations and groups. The Samurai Game® is a highly challenging, psychologically intense simulation game in which participants take on the role of medieval Japanese samurai. The game, invented and developed by George Leonard, is played with a minimum of special equipment and a maximum of personal commitment and integrity. To play, participants must cross a psychological boundary and, for the duration of the game, operate under unfamiliar modes of governance and relationships. From this perspective they develop new and valuable awareness about customary behavior patterns.  The game thus becomes a mirror for how they live their lives at work, on a team and in personal relationships.

The Samurai Game® is especially useful in team building and training for resourcefulness and decisiveness in tough situations, marked by uncertainty and unforeseeable difficulties.

The game simulates this intensity and immediacy in a way that is commonly associated with actual combat, but may also be encountered in certain aspects of business and professional competition. The game actions are subtle and complex and the participants—as in actual combat—are never quite certain of all the rules nor exactly what is going on. Such conditions, unlike those found in many group training situations, provide intense tests of integrity and honesty.

The Purpose of the Samurai Game®

The purpose of the Samurai Game® is to create a simulation in which the participants have to solve problems under pressure, using integrity and honor and must also practice listening to each other and working together as a team.

It is a powerful and memorable game that has a long-term impact on the players’ ability to solve problems—individually and as part of a team.

The Outcome of the Samurai Game® for an Organization

  • Increases team building and unity
  • Increases skill in listening and communication
  • Strengthens values and trust
  • Bonds groups through common experience under pressure
  • Participants are more willing to work together to “take on” tough problems in the business environment

The Seminar Systems, Samurai Game® Experience:

We understand corporate culture. We have conducted hundreds of Samurai Games® and we use this simulation game because it has the highest impact and the most positive results for the targeted organization.

We are very experienced in matching the Samurai Game® to the requirements of each company we work with.

Thirty years of training experience and thousands of satisfied clients have given us a unique and powerful credibility and an unsurpassed reputation using the Samurai Game®.


Our Promise:

We understand that training represents a significant cost in time and money and we deliver measurable results. We believe that training should have a large return on investment and when you have a relationship with Seminar Systems, you are talking with not only expert trainers but also business owners who understand and appreciate that training must have a positive effect on the people in the business, and be reflected in a bottom line increase in revenue.

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