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“Principles of Leadership The Hero’s Journey is a two-day live action training that takes you into the mind of the Hero. It  will awaken in you your natural spirit of adventure and excitement. You will discover all the principles to create your life as a great adventure. Learn how to define and design your own journey. Discover what every Hero knows and understands to live life fully. Become a more effective business person, leader and parent. The Hero’s Journey is about your life becoming as successful and inspiring as it was always meant to be. This is not like any class, seminar or lecture you have ever attended. Come and Play, Learn and Experience.”

Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey: Understand the principles that are the foundation of personal and professional success.


Where Are You On Your Path?

Are you in the Great Desert…wandering and coming across an oasis from time to time, only pathto capture brief moments of shade and water before continuing what seems to be a meandering path to a place unknown?

Have you reached the Village…where you interact with many others on the Path from different places, struggling to understand all of the differences among us?

Or have you reached the Jungle…seeing the tangled nature of our belief systems, assumptions and judgments,  gaining insight into those things we carry that hold us back in our spiritual walk as well as our achievements in life.

You will have the opportunity to transform all of these areas of your life.  You will be able to  “climb a mountain” to release what you resist, to reach a greater understanding of the internal inconsistencies within us all.  Then, discover the treasures of awareness, completion, declaration and clarity of action.


Great TeamPrinciples of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey 2-Day Training will inspire you to return to your life with confidence, optimism and  committed  action. You will not just reach goals, but enjoy the journey with joy and enthusiasm.

Enroll now if any of these apply to you:

– You want to learn what leadership is and what it means to be a hero in your own life.

– You want to inspire others in their lives.

– You want to accomplish more in a shorter time.

– You love adventure!

– You enjoy learning new ideas that you can put into action immediately.

– You want to create the greatest year of your life so far.

– You believe your life has a purpose and you want to bring that purpose into action.

Enroll now if you want to learn…

– Develop the actions and principles of leaders and hero’s and apply them to your life.

– Gain insight into human motivation and become a more effective leader, role model and coach. Understand diverse people and personality types and how to motivate and lead them.

– Explore the power of fixed belief systems and how to change and develop new effective habits.

– Play powerful games and exercises that will give you deep insight into your own beliefs.

– Discover the power of “purpose” and the profound effect it has in our lives

– Shed new light on what personal freedom really is and how to experience more of it.


“During these two days you will learn to define and design your own journey. Discover what every Hero knows and understands to live life fully. Become a more effective business person, leader and partner.”

Patrick Dean, President Seminar Systems Inc.

Principles of Leadership, The Hero's Journey

To Enroll in this Valuable Training, click here:   Tuition $695.00


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“An amazing and valuable course, I was able to see results immediately in my personal and professional life.”  Sean Dendle, Business Owner, Cymax, Brisbane Australia

“I reccomend this seminar for anyone who wants to make a bigger difference and create a more peaceful and exciting life.”  Doug Pittman, Business owner and entrepreneur, Kona Hawk Farms, Hawaii

“I learned some amazing things about human motivation so I was able to work with and coach people much more effectively. Well worth the time and the money” Jeff Viers, Sales Manager, St Louis, Mo.

“I went for myself, but my husband, kids and people I am around benefitted from my participation in the training as well. I also started a home based business that has become very successful, it was always a dream of mine.” Karen Barnwell, mother, wife and business entrepreneur. Mackay, Austral


ToronoNEXT SEMINAR:  Toronto, Canada

DATE: To Be Announced for 2016



Friday, 7 am -10:30 pm

Saturday, 9-am -7:00 pm 

Sunday, 9 am -6:00 pm

Finishing hours may vary.

Contact for Information: Nina Chandarana, (647) 924-7259

TUITION: $695.00

Live Life and an Epic Journey, make the mark you were born to make and create more joy and fulfillment-The Hero’s Journey-2 1/2 Day Live Action Training


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