Leadership Performance For Teens™

Close to our hearts at Seminar Systems is our work with teens. We feel that there is so much for teens to learn that will prepare them for life success that we offer this as a residential training. (We have limited enrollment in this popular course.)

Contact for Teen Questions: Nancy Dean (707) 878-2675, also you may  leave message at (707) 878 2192

Your teen will discover the principles and values that support them in being more effective in the choices they make for themselves and others.

Seminar Systems Teen Leadership Performance Training is a 5-night and 6-day course specifically designed for empowering teens and supporting them in taking responsibility for the choices they make in their life. We teach the principles and practical tools to create a successful life and fulfilling future.  Some of the topics covered are: Trust, Relationships, Leadership, Compassion, Personal Responsibility, Integrity, Peer Pressure, Choice, and Self Worth.

At Teen Leadership Camp, your teen will discover the value of working as a team with their peers. They will learn to trust others and develop trustworthiness in themselves.


  • To transform each teen’s experience of themselves so they gain more personal responsibility and self-esteem in their lives.
  • To assist teens in creating a foundation of principles and values that serve them in being more effective individuals and society members.
  • To allow a place of trust and safety where teens can talk about what is important to them, and discover new ways of solving problems.
  • To give teens tools and techniques that will assist them in clearer communication as well as give them ways to set and accomplish personal goals.

To contact us for a personal conversation about the value of this training and enrollment please contact us at:

info@seminarsystems.com. Facebook message us at: Seminar Systems page,

Contact: Nancy Dean (707) 878-2675

Nancy Dean, World Renown Teen Leadership Seminar Designer and Trainer