Personal Message For Those of You Who Feel Disappointed

I don’t want to sound preachy to you all but this message is only for my special friends who need hear this now. I was led to write you.

Never give up.

If you have one breath left in you, one step left in you…one heartbeat left, no matter how bad itPatrick At Desk Modified Cropped Small may look, how deep the disappointment, how painful the hurt, how tired you are of the journey.

I know you will be restored.

I have lived through the darkness and know that on the other side is something is a truth that only people who have made this terrifying journey have experienced.

They have been restored…You will be restored.

And what will restore you? Love. Sounds so stupidly simple. I don’t mean romantic or brotherly love, I mean love as the universal power, the power greater than ourselves. It is all around us just for the taking.

…and the amazing good news is that you don’t even have to believe in it to have it happen.

I have seen it a thousand times…I have experienced it. And how are we restored? By doing our job…the only job at hand; the removal of anything that stands in the way of the acceptance and expression of this love. Please, let it go if it interferes and does not serve you any longer.

I have come to believe that the most amazing of all of this is that love is our natural state as human beings. When we get it all out of the way, the hate, jealousy, the judgment, the disappointment and comparison what show up is love. Love can never be lost, nor found nor sought after, it is always there, it can only be acknowledged or unacknowledged within us.

Believe in yourself and in love and you will come through this time in your life. You are not now and never have been alone.  Patrick

Sunset and Hero's Journey
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