Utilizing the Irreplaceable Value of Mentorship.

With Mentorship you get wisdom without the pain. Mentorship is an accelerator.
Mentorship allows someone else’s hindsight to become your foresight.

Patrick at Desk SmallIf you are truly committed to growing your business, a mentor is critical. I am certain this is not the first time you have heard the term mentor. You may even be somewhat familiar with the value this type of relationship can create.

So the question is: “Why don’t more people have mentors in their business?” The answer: because most people undervalue the power of knowledge in their life or business. For more information Email me.

An ancient writing states that people perish for a lack of knowledge and I believe the number one reason businesses fail is due to a lack of knowledge/education.

The best way to gain knowledge is from a mentor. A mentor is someone who has something you would like to have or is at a place you would like to be. What better way to learn about where you want to go than from someone already there? Hindsight is 20/20 and so is foresight when you are standing next to someone else’s hindsight! Don’t go another day in your business without a mentor.

What have people who have Mentored with me accomplished?
  1. Accelerate their business results, more clients, more revenue, more referrals.
  2. Got new Ideas and new viewpoints, enjoy being challenged and letting go of old patterns.
  3. Created cash-flow faster and more consistently.
  4. Were helped to set goals and be held accountable.
  5. Discovered their best talents and strengths and design your business around them.
  6. Enjoyed their work more and felt more satisfaction.


The Difference Between Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring includes coaching, but is much broader and deeper. Mentoring includes the development of talent and ability and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Coaching can be included with mentoring, but basically mentoring is a relationship where one person shares their skill, knowledge and experience with the person who wants to create similar results. A mentor is chosen because they have produced the results in their life that they are teaching sharing and coaching about.

A mentor works with a person to transform their experience so that no matter what issue or problem comes up in their life they can apply what they learn from a mentor to master the challenge.

Mentoring is about awareness and then taking that awareness and putting it into action. ( coaching is about the accomplishment of specific goals).

Mentor, to be successful needs to have:
  • A high sense of awareness
  • Superb communication,
  • Humility
  • Caring and Respect
  • A positive towards what possible
  • Patience
  • Knowledge based in experience.
  • Radical honesty
  • Intuition
  • Concern


The Qualities of People Who Are Ready for My Program:

  1. YOU’RE WILLING TO INVEST TIME & ENERGY – Effective mentoring takes time and energy if you want sustainable long-term results. Feeling energized about the idea of coaching is a great indicator that you’re ready for it.
  2. YOU’RE ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT CHANGE – Mentoring is all about facilitating positive change. If you’re ready to make bold changes, you’re ready for coaching.
  3. YOU’RE OPEN TO NEW WAYS OF THINKING – Generating fresh new thinking lies at the core of coaching. New thinking leads to new ideas, new strategies and new opportunities.
  4. YOU’RE MOTIVATED TO TAKE ACTION – Being ready to take action and get things done is essential to a successful mentoring engagement. Results = Greater motivation = More results.
  5. YOU’RE READY TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE –Mentoring is a partnership and your mentor will be there to support you. Accountability is key to making sure you’re maximizing your choices, abilities and potential.
  6. YOU’RE EAGER TO BREAK OLD HABITS – If you’re sick of making the same old mistakes and repeating patterns, coaching will help you understand and move beyond them.
  7. YOU’RE RECEPTIVE TO TAKING RISKS – If you don’t change the way you do behave, you’ll get the same results. Mentoring involves taking risks, trying new things and abandoning old behaviors.
  8. YOU’RE DONE WITH EXCUSES –Mentors hear every excuse out there and are trained to challenge them AND you. It’s time to put them aside in favor or accountability and action.
  9. YOU’RE DETERMINED TO SEE IT THROUGH –Mentoring can provide results quickly, but it shouldn’t be viewed as a quick fix. The best results require planning, execution and follow up.
  10. YOU’RE WILLING TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND WORK – The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of coaching. Harder work = Bigger results.
Remember, seeking support in the form of a mentor doesn’t mean there’s a crisis or that something is broken and needs fixed. It means you’re taking control of your life and moving to maximize your potential, your success, and your happiness.
What Does a Mentor Do?
  1. Ask questions and determine the best place in your life to put your focus and commitment.
  2. Tie in your actions with your purpose
  3. Help design a system of action that results in maximum effectiveness.
  4. Help you craft a direction and actions so you can realize your dreams and goals.
  5. Hold you accountable for accomplishment.
  6. Help discover where you need skills training.
  7. Listen in a non-judgemental way and share business and personal experience.
  8. Help you understand the prices and benefits of choices and assist you to make your choices more clarity and with ease.
  9. Listen vigilantly.
  10. Help you craft a direction and actions so you can realize your dreams and goals.
  11. Identify obstacles.
  12. Identify solutions
  13. Keep my word, recognize mistakes and be honest with you.
  14. Share my experience with you and teach you principles and ideas with which you can transform your life and the lives of others.
  15. Increase your confidence.
  16. Increase your motivation.
  17. Increase your awareness and ability to handle any situation.
  18. Keep you headed in positive direction.
  19. Assist you to feeling less stress and becoming more excited about life.Patrick-Signature
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