I Have Been Confused…

Patrick at Coffee HouseThis is For My Friends Who Want to Make a Difference with People…

I have opened my eyes in the morning scared, fearful, sad, confused, and angry. I have wrestled with money, been betrayed by friends, and betrayed friends myself. I have been selfish and self-centered. I have wrestled with health problems and felt the pain of loss of a loved one. I have had businesses that were dismal failures and those that were wildly successful. I have made some great decisions (getting married to Nancy) and I have made some really bad decisions (investing in things I know nothing about!)

I have had great opportunities; some I grabbed and some I let slip. I have felt the love of great number of people and been admired. I have also felt alone.

I am living and amazing life and it is not over yet…

Here is what I have come to know…

Without having all these experiences in my life how could I possibly beWoman Crying compassionate with others? How can I relate to sorrow or fear or joy in others if we haven’t felt it. The lesson is that everything that happens to us allows us to relate to the same feeling in others. Without all these experiences in myself I could never know people and honor these experiences in them.

To be a great spouse, friend or parent it is necessary to acknowledge all the events of our lives. I believe that to live an authentic life it is also necessary

to do the soul searching and painful honesty required to understand the meaning we have put to these events and how they have shaped us.

It is critical to know ourselves so we can know others.

Last great lesson I am still learning…To be a great mentor or coach you also, at the same time, have must be a humble student.

I have learned to ask for help. Find a mentor or coach

Choose a mentor who has made the mistakes and overcome the odds; a person with wisdom and experience.

Along with a mentor and coach choose friends who are aware enough toHP-SeminarGroup4 be loving and understanding… but will kick your butt when it is necessary. Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and push you toward excellence. If you do your life will be a hero’s journey. Above all don’t be afraid of experience…it will serve you well in the long run.

Patrick Dean

Master Mentor and Coach, Leadership Trainer, Business Owner, Husband and Father…here to make a difference. images

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