Health Mastery International™


“When health is absent:
Wisdom cannot reveal itself,
Art cannot become manifest,
Strength cannot fight,
Wealth becomes useless,
And intelligence cannot be applied.”



Health Mastery International™ Seminar: May 3-5, 2013,

Brisbane QLD, Australia, USA locations coming soon!

Health Mastery International™ is committed to a world of Health, Adventure and Personal Satisfaction.

 Our mission is to have people excited and passionate about their health and           committed to have the people in their life on the same path of an extraordinary life.
Health Mastery Int. is designed to educate and empower everyone to the magic of living in the practice of optimum health. Through retreats and the sharing of information you will discover the clarity, confidence and freedom you need to achieve the goals you have wanted in weight, exercise and athletic accomplishment.
   General Information
Health Mastery Int. is based in Brisbane, Australia and San Francisco, USA. Our trainers are experts both in the fields of physical training as well as the mental training needed for superior performance. Through our retreats and information sharing you can change the struggle of health and replace it with joy and fulfilment.