Happiness: What Do We Teach Our Kids?

Patrick: FrankIy, I write this to remind myself to practice these principles every day. I also write it for you, if you are a parent and you want their kids to be happy. Here is what I have learned mentoring, coaching, facilitating seminars and in my own life. Please enjoy and pass it on

Mr. Natural“I have heard this statement a thousand times:

“I just want to be happy in my life”.

Here are thoughts and action that move us in that direction;

Be honest in everything you do. Keep your word, follow through, and keep your promises. Be able to laugh at yourself.

Don’t compare yourself to others, you will only feel superior or fall into envy. Let your character and the number of people you serve be the measurement of your success.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Knowing you are a fool is more fun than going through life pretending you are not. Take a few risks. Allow yourself to get conned once and a while. It’s Ok, you will have some adventures along the way.

Speak with compassion and understanding, even in times of anger and disagreement. Most arguments are based in the fear not the subject you are arguing about.

Treat great questions in life with lightness and treat the small questions with great attention.

Allow people to love you and love the people you are with, remember, every relationship will end someday.

Finally, do not expect that other people are here to make you happy. They are in this world to fulfill their own destiny, not yours. This means supporting other human beings in the fulfillment of their purpose—not doing it for them, but understanding that a relationship is a place of service.

In the end, we all are responsible for our own happiness and the happiest people I know are into service and are living their purpose.

One last thing to remember: Kids learn from what we do, not from what we say..

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