I Have Been Confused…

Patrick at Coffee HouseThis is For My Friends Who Want to Make a Difference with People…

I have opened my eyes in the morning scared, fearful, sad, confused, and angry. I have wrestled with money, been betrayed by friends, and betrayed friends myself. I have been selfish and self-centered. I have wrestled with health problems and felt the pain of loss of a loved one. I have had businesses that were dismal failures and those that were wildly successful. I have made some great decisions (getting married to Nancy) and I have made some really bad decisions (investing in things I know nothing about!) Continue reading “I Have Been Confused…”

Eres un Gran Líder


DamiyoEres un Gran Líder

Un gran líder sabe, sin la menor duda, que su actitud y acciones tienen un efecto muy importante en otros. No culpan a los demás ni los decepcionan, sino que esperan y exigen lo mejor de lo mejor. Te puedes dar cuenta si eres un gran líder si pones atención a las personas que te rodean. ¿Enfrentan retos, se automotivan, son leales, y no tienen miedo a tomar decisiones? ¿Hablan abiertamente y tienen un sentido de misión y propósito? Continue reading “Eres un Gran Líder”

Not Having the Answer All the Time, What a Relief!

My good friend Doug Pittman once said, “Live life like a question where love is the answer.”

There is a real art to living in the question. I think that in a world in which people are judged by how many “answers” they have, the people who are open to learning and listening are the truly wise people.

Living as an answer (an authority) all the time, means we put value on how right we are. To do this, we must create others as wrong. Creating groups that you agree with and others that are wrong may get you recognition and admiration, but is that all there is to life?

The purpose of my work is to create people who want to be effective leaders and have influence. One of the greatest qualities we can learn is there are many right ways of doing things. If we get together and agree to move forward, who cares whose idea it was as long as it is effective in creating connection, compassion, and abundance.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you can let others take the credit once in a while.

You can be trained to be a leader, but you should take the first step and be open to learn. A person who can’t change their mind is playing a very small game.

Advanced Leadership

Patrick Dean
Dillon Beach, CA
March 2012