Not Having the Answer All the Time, What a Relief!

My good friend Doug Pittman once said, “Live life like a question where love is the answer.”

There is a real art to living in the question. I think that in a world in which people are judged by how many “answers” they have, the people who are open to learning and listening are the truly wise people.

Living as an answer (an authority) all the time, means we put value on how right we are. To do this, we must create others as wrong. Creating groups that you agree with and others that are wrong may get you recognition and admiration, but is that all there is to life?

The purpose of my work is to create people who want to be effective leaders and have influence. One of the greatest qualities we can learn is there are many right ways of doing things. If we get together and agree to move forward, who cares whose idea it was as long as it is effective in creating connection, compassion, and abundance.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you can let others take the credit once in a while.

You can be trained to be a leader, but you should take the first step and be open to learn. A person who can’t change their mind is playing a very small game.

Advanced Leadership

Patrick Dean
Dillon Beach, CA
March 2012

Seven Reasons Why Seminar Systems is Unique

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                     Seven Reasons Seminar Systems is Unique

1. Transformational context: Our context promotes long lasting and powerful results. Rather than simply designing trainings and seminars to motivate, or download information, our design uses challenging discussion and exercises. Our trainings give participants a new viewpoint of what is possible in their businesses, families, and communities.

2. Open door policy: Participants are instructed and encouraged to take all material from our training, and to adapt and use it as their own. We want graduates to go out with the expertise to train other leaders and develop effective teams.

3. Our success is measured by our graduates’ success. We stand for integrity in results. We are always adding to our seminars—a guarantee that we use the latest research, and that our seminars are relevant to fast-changing times.

4. We teach you how to get your ideas across effectively, and how to influence others by working with transformational presentation skills.

5. Our follow-up system of mentoring and coaching is designed to help each participant maximize their experience and produce results that are important to them.

6. We work with clarity of purpose because we believe that satisfaction and fulfillment are a result of understanding and living for a purpose.

7. We also train individuals how to become extraordinary communicators and leaders through the Leadership Performance Certificate Program™., Facebook: Seminar Systems


Leadership Performance Certificate Program™ Certificate in leadership and group dynamics.

Patrick Dean and Nancy Dean, Founders, Seminar Systems Inc.

Message from Patrick Dean

Your success is important to us. Thank you for visiting our page and your interest in Seminar Systems.

Message to You,

Your success is important to us. Thank you for visiting our page and your interest in Seminar Systems.

Seminar Systems is dedicated to serving people like you. We are committed to creating opportunities for people who want to experience transformation, satisfaction, and well being in their lives. We are also committed to a world that functions well—a world in which everyone has an opportunity to experience significance and contribution to the lives of others.

Our company is based in the belief that we are all leaders, and that as leaders, we are responsible for the mark we make on the world. Everyone can have a lasting impact on people around him or her. All it takes to be more effective with yourself and others is a sincere desire to make a difference, and the willingness to train yourself in the art of transformational methods. This is why we are here for you.

We offer the finest transformational leadership training available anywhere. Everything we do is based on the latest research and over 32 years of experience working with people around the world.

If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, teacher, facilitator, team leader or just a person with a powerful vision, you can benefit from our training.

We welcome your questions. We answer personally, because your success is important to us.

Patrick H. Dean

President Seminar Systems