To Trust or Not To Trust?

Trust is a mind set of certainty, faith and conviction. It requires belief without evidence, It is one of the most difficult, yet powerful, experiences that we human beings can have. Trust is a quality that is required to have any chance of happiness in our lives yet leaves us most vulnerable.  I have found that most issues of trust are actually not about other people but trust in ourselves. Will we be able to have the kind of judgment that we can tell when to trust and when not to trust?  If we don’t trust anyone or anything it would be a safe but very black and white world.  Living a life of color means you are going to be hurt once and a while, but also experience great joy. One thing you can absolutely trust is that in the long arc of time and the universe, you will get back in life about what you have put into it.  Patrick Dean

Patrick Dean, Leadership Performance Training in Australia

Personality or Individuality?

I think to bring a little peace into our lives we have to know the difference between personality and individuality. Personality is who we think we are, based on our beliefs. We give a lot of thought to our personality. We invent ourselves so that we have a chance of survival and have some power.

Being an analyst, promoter, controller, or supporter are all survival-based strategies that are designed by us to give us some control and power. The mischief in life is when we think that without our chosen survival mechanism (personality) we will be nothing. This is the universal human paradigm, making me or people like me “right” and others “wrong.”

Individuality is the uniqueness of who we are at a deep level. Individuality includes our special gifts, talents, and spirit. Personality is a small part of individuality. Part of individuality is the recognition that we are not actually separate from others. The idea that we have many things absolutely in common with all other humans, yet at the same time we are unique, is a powerful realization. Once we understand that, and stop struggling to assert our “personality,” we can then focus on bringing out our gifts, talents and spirit and a joyful life is not far behind. Remember you are not your personality, you are so much more.


Never Be Afraid Of Living A Full LIfe

“Some of you say, ‘Joy is greater than sorrow’ and others say “No sorrow is greater’,  But I say to you they are inseparable. Together they come, and as one sits at your table while the other is asleep in your bed.

“Verily you are suspended like scales between sorrow and your joy. Only when you are empty are you at stand still and balanced.”

From “The Prophet” by Kahlil Kibran


Many of us stand at the side of a well, thirsty, with a bucket and rope in hand. The water represents all of life, the joy and the sorrow. But we hesitate to throw our bucket down because we only want to bring up the joy. We are afraid of the sorrow that we may get.

Not participating in life because of fear wastes time and puts our purpose on hold.  It also results in a world with no real joy. Real joy comes when we throw down our bucket and bring up all of life.  This allows us to laugh with abandon and weep with full emotion.

Never be afraid of living a full life.  Patrick

Let Others Decide Whether You Are Working or Playing!

“The masters in the art of living make little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure. Their minds and their bodies, their information and the their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which; they simply pursue their vision of excellence at whatever they do leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.” James A. Michener

You are on the path when your work seems to satisfy your creative desires and your need for challenge. When your work seems to require all of you, and at the same time seems almost effortless, you are on the right path.

The paradox is that many people I meet think that they have to change jobs, create new circumstances to be satisfied. My experience is that we can create satisfaction and fulfillment wherever we are.

We  accomplish this by being excellent and awake to the contribution we make in everything we do. From this place we can stay or change, whatever we wish.

How can a janitor who cleans up a building alone on the night shift have a satisfying life? It is possible because every moment is an opportunity to practice excellence. Whatever is done, from sweeping up to the duties of a CEO, it is a service to someone. This realization of service creates fulfillment.

Bring excitement  to your life. Take a journey with us and bring out your full potential and live your purpose. That is what we do in every Leadership Performance Training. Message us for info. Why wait.  Patrick Dean

Too Much For One Lifetime!

I just finished the book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. It is the story of our age. At the end of his life Steve Jobs was reminiscing about his life and he said, “I did all I could do.”

What a great statement to be able for any of us to make at the end of our lives.

We are all aware that we are driven by “more,” “better,” and “different” when we play the “game of life.”  There is something very profound and important in knowing that we played the best we could but also knowing that there was always more we could do.

There is always too much to accomplish in one lifetime.

This is the reason, that I am training others to do what I do. I love doing seminars that teach young people to be great entrepreneurs, trainers, and leaders. They will practice and eventually be better than I ever was.

The good news is that the journey itself is so much more rewarding and challenging when you know it goes on even after we are gone.

Patrick Dean

The Argument for Being Crazy

When you are joyful, people will think you are crazy. Research has shown that the only time we let “the kid out” in us is when we are cheering a sports team or playing with children. If we get really excited and joyful as adults, we fear criticism. We don’t need an excuse to feel bad, but often have to justify feeling good. Let’s practice crazy celebration of our lives along the way. Don’t wait for the arrival at some far off goal before you allow yourself to feel good. If people think you are crazy that is their issue.

Bring some joy into your life today. Patrick Dean

Artificial Reality!

Here is the challenge: Artificial Reality! There are opposites in nature: up and down, right and left, north or south …etc. Since these opposites exist in nature, we think it is important to create opposites in our mind as well. These are not natural opposites, but opposites “by definition.” I mean, we create a lot of ideas in our mind that are based on our “definition” of the world, and we call this reality. This is artificial reality. Artificial reality is opinion, prejudice, positions, judgments, and take-it-for-granted assumptions. This artificial reality leads us to define ourselves as right, and others as wrong. It is impossible to live a peaceful and fulfilling life without knowing how we separate ourselves from others with artificial reality. When we know about this, we can live consciously and can make design a reality that can accomplish our real mission: creating an abundant and compassionate world.

To learn how to be an effective leader, enroll now in our Leadership Performance Training.  Make the difference you put on this earth to make. Take a step, contact us!


I Have Seen It A Thousand Times….

I have seen it a thousand times….when we stop acting from scarcity, fear, power, and the need for control, something comes up from deep inside us. This deep quality is our recognition that whatever happens to our brother is what happens to us. Our job then is to remove anything that stands in the way of the expression of our authentic self and thus, our connection to each other.  This recognition of connection leads to compassionate action—a moment—then as a human being we truly shine. (A picture of monk who has found a dead man at a train station.)

Not Having the Answer All the Time, What a Relief!

My good friend Doug Pittman once said, “Live life like a question where love is the answer.”

There is a real art to living in the question. I think that in a world in which people are judged by how many “answers” they have, the people who are open to learning and listening are the truly wise people.

Living as an answer (an authority) all the time, means we put value on how right we are. To do this, we must create others as wrong. Creating groups that you agree with and others that are wrong may get you recognition and admiration, but is that all there is to life?

The purpose of my work is to create people who want to be effective leaders and have influence. One of the greatest qualities we can learn is there are many right ways of doing things. If we get together and agree to move forward, who cares whose idea it was as long as it is effective in creating connection, compassion, and abundance.

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you can let others take the credit once in a while.

You can be trained to be a leader, but you should take the first step and be open to learn. A person who can’t change their mind is playing a very small game.

Advanced Leadership

Patrick Dean
Dillon Beach, CA
March 2012