SEMINAR SYSTEMS offers the finest leadership and team building training available anywhere in the world.

Our company has made an immense impact upon our graduates and clients through our live training seminars, conference calls, internet and corporate training options. In addition, our Teen Leadership Experience is proving very popular and effective.

We also design custom training programs—indoors and outdoors—as well as retreats and keynote presentations for corporate conferences and meetings.

Our unique and powerful team building simulation games, the Samurai Game™ and Desert Survival™, foster powerful leadership skills that change lives and careers. At Seminar Systems we understand Leadership Development and we stand by our results.

With 30 Years of training experience and thousands of satisfied clients, Seminar Systems has a solid reputation. We are a unique and credible company based in proven experience.

What Seminar Systems Offers:

  • Leadership Performance Training I™ (5-day live training)
  • Leadership Performance Training II™ (5-day live training)
  • Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey, Corporate Training™ (Custom business or group training)
  • Leadership Performance Training for Teens™ (6-day camp)
  • Leadership Performance Coaching (Individual coaching)
  • Samurai Game™
  • Health Mastery (New!)
  • Samurai Golf (New!)
  • The Hero’s Journey, Two and Half Day Live Action Training

Seminar Systems Experience:

We have trained over 40,000 people around the world and have 30 years’ experience in transformational training. Committed to an abundant and compassionate world, we believe that every individual and corporation has an obligation to make a strong statement of principle, thereby contributing to the welfare of the world community.

Every person who participates in Seminar Systems Trainings is respected for his or her individual abilities and beliefs. We are committed to each person developing his or her leadership skills, enabling them to turn their vision into reality and to make the largest positive impact upon others. Based in the belief that each person has a unique and extraordinary contribution to make, the Seminar Systems experience makes that contribution happen with effective and powerful training and development.

Cost and Tuition:

We understand that training represents a significant cost in time and money, and we deliver measurable results since we believe that training should have a large return on investment. Your relationship with Seminar Systems is not only with expert trainers, but also with business owners—people who understand and appreciate that training must have a positive effect on the people in the business or organization, and be reflected in a bottom line increase in revenue and effective action.

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