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“I want to personally welcome you to the Seminar Systems Website.  This company was founded on the principle that extraordinary training produces extraordinary results. Having worked with over forty thousand people over thirty five years we know that the key to success is a combination of improved skills and inspired people. Let’s talk about how we can assist your organization, group or team to excel, meet there goals and create at atmosphere of commitment and collaboration.”

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Our New Mentoring Program, 2018!

 Here is an Idea!

Sea of CortezEvery successful person has a mentor or teacher in their life that has coached them to excellence.  Now you have  an opportunity to be mentored and coached by the best.

Finding a great person with experience and who has actually created results is sometimes a difficult search. We want to make that search easy for you. There are thousands people who call themselves coaches and experts who are no more than accountability partners; not real mentors.

We offer a thirty minute free conversation
to discuss your particular challenge.

Mr. Natural Mentor Tutor Very Small

Do you have goals and dreams for your professional life? Do you want to create fulfilling personal relationships? Do you want to improve your health? Do you have an idea or dream to put into action? If yes, just click and choose a free thirty minute confidential conversation. There is no obligation and this could be the most valuable thirty minutes of your life.

We Also Offer…

Individual Mentoring and Tutoring

Register Here for Appointment with Patrick Dean and Nancy Dean, Founders of Seminar Systems Inc.  Patrick and Nancy are taking on a limited number of Mentoring/Tutoring clients. Click below for a free 30 minute chat to talk about your dreams and goals.

IMG_0396 k00409_2 Surround

Click below for free chat and opportunity to be mentored by Patrick Dean.

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tomoe_samuraiLeadership Performance Training,
Five Day Seminar

San Francisco, September 7 – 11, 2018
For Facilitators Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Contact: Seminar Systems Team: Call or Text, (949) 521 3353

Here Is a Brief Description of Our Live Seminars…

Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey™ Seminar

Great TeamTwo Days and One Evening : Learn the principles that will set you on the path to fulfillment, extraordinary relationship and joy. Exciting, challenging and life changing, this training is done in completely unique interactive “life as an epic journey” format.  


Leadership Performance Training Five Day Seminar

Great Seminar!The most Advance training available to forward your  towards expression of your vision and mastery of communication.  Live your purpose without hesitation, fear or doubt. Learn to find joy in every step of your journey. For those who have taken personal development or leadership training and want to take your education to the next exciting level.

Five days, San Francisco, California October 22-26, 2014 San Francisco


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Our Exciting and New Online Training Sessions…

 The Five Principles of a Successful Life, Two Hour Webinar

Patrick Dean
Learn the basic philosophy of extraordinary living, online, on your computer or smart phone in your home or office. Interact with others, online, during the training sessions and learn new ways to have the extraordinary business or relationship you want.  (Message us for the date of the next training.)

Live Your Destiny, Six Hour Webinar Training

woman on CompterA seminar of awareness and action. Discover and experience an extraordinary online training. Learn the Four Practices that will create more abundance and success and at the same time, peace of mind and joy. Very interactive, with exercises and discussion that are exciting and challenging.
(Message us for the date of the next training.)


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We have books as well…

old Guy Reading

“This is an great book, I loved reading it and discovering something surprising and useful in every chapter. It challenged my thinking in a very positive way. I reccomend this collections of blogs and articles to anyone interested in people and life success.”    Sean Walsh

Book: The Journey by Patrick and Nancy Dean

$30.00, plus $3.50 shipping (to USA)

(please email Nancy for foreign shipping rate)  

Book Cover, The Journey JpegRadical articles, Thoughts and Instruction on Living Your Life as an Amazing Journey. A great book for anyone who love new ideas and is a student of  human success in relationships and business 
Signed and Shipped Right Away — Immediately

Purchase: “The Journey” a book by Patrick and Nancy Dean

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Nancy Patrick at Training_2_2Florida, Hero's JourneyIMG_3521IMG_3310


“Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey For Business™”

A Revolutionary New, Two Day, Live Action Training For Companies, Groups or Teams

Business Leaders and entrepreneurs,  do you want to bring into your company a revolutionary new training?  Teach Leadership, Teamwork and Commitment through a “Live Action Role Playing Game”. This is a powerful, fun and transformative experience. Don’t settle for power-points and lectures. Do something that with long lasting influence and an very high return on your training dollars. Build rapport with your teams and learn the true joy of commitment.

Everybody is talking about Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey. Bring it into your business or organization and have people excited about training again! Contact Patrick Dean,  so see if this is the right training for your team.

If you would like to schedule a 30 minute no obligation conversation how training can improve our results, reduce turnover and create purpose driven teams click TimeTrade link below

Message Us Now  Directly

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What are people saying about our trainings?…

Principles of Leadership, The Hero’s Journey, Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you Patrick Dean, Nancy Dean ♥ Leadership Performance Training allowed me to step into my greatness and live my dream!!  I highly recommend attending this powerful class if you want to transform your life, live your purpose, Communicate Better & Network with other like-minded people. There is no one better then the Great Patrick Dean & Nancy Dean…. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”
~ Karen Barnwell, business entrepreneur


“Seminar systems training was amazing! Robin and I attended in S.F. last July. It is so much more valuable than any other training I have ever attended. I love how interactive it is. We made life-transforming decisions at the training. We will look back on this as a marker in our lives. We also loved getting to know people from all over the country. Great Training! Great Experience!”
~ Morri Elliot, Pastor


“Patrick, I didn’t want this buried in a comment, too important. For anyone thinking about attending Patrick’s and Nancy’s training seminar, here’s my take: Leadership training was by far the best seminar of this type I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended or staffed around 25 of them). It really depends what you envision in your future. If you’re not intending to have much of an impact on this earth, don’t bother going. But if you want your head stuffed with useful tools to teach and lead and your heart filled with passion and compassion, go. Then go out and change the world. What are you waiting for?”
~ David Brodie, Lawyer, Business Owner

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